The Correct Operation Method Of POF Shrink Film Blowing Machine

Author: admin / 2021-09-21

I do not know if you have any understanding of the precautions for the proper operation of the POF shrink film blower. If you are not quite sure, take a look at the following article.

1, the operator can not stand in front of the machine when operating the machine, so as to avoid accidental injury to operators. When the material is fed, the hard objects that are damaged by the metal impurities in the raw materials and the operating gadgets are prevented from falling into the barrel. Do not wear gloves when operating the machine to prevent injury.

2, check and add a good gear box, air compressor oil, check the lubrication of mechanical transmission parts. Avoid dry operation and damage the machine and make noise.

3, when the power-on operation must first check the various power supply wiring is disconnected, leakage; check whether the instrument is not normal damage. Before starting up, ensure that all components are safe and normal so as not to affect production and cause accidents.

4. Within the range of film formation conditions, the molding temperature, the cooling air temperature, and the blow-up ratio are increased; then the turbidity of the film is increased, and the gloss is decreased; otherwise, the gloss is increased.

5. When the die outlet material is uniform, you can wear a pair of gloves to slowly pull the tube blank, and at the same time close the end of the tube blank, open the air inlet control valve slightly, and put a small amount of compressed air from the center hole of the core rod, and then Carefully guide the foam stabilizers, herringbone plates, and pull in the traction and guide rollers until they are taken up (if the embossing is to pass through the embossing roller)

6. The compressed air pressure of the inflated tube blank should be appropriate, which can neither cause the tube blank to rupture nor ensure the symmetrical stability of the film tube, and relatively guarantee the quality of the production.

7, when cleaning the extruder and die mouth can use copper knife, rod or compressed air cleaning, but avoid damage to the smooth surface of the screw and screw.

The above is an introduction to the content of the POF shrink film blowing machine today. Thank you for your patience. I hope to help you.

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