Zhejiang Jiuteng Packaging Co.,Ltd is established in 2010, located in Jiashan city which near shanghai port, covering an area of 20000 sq.m. JT is one of the leading

Wrapping Film Manufacturers and custom Packaging Film Suppliers

in China, at the same time also producing Hot slip shrink film, Low temperature shrink film, crosslinked shrink film and printing shrink film, widely export to Euro, America and other areas.

We aim to research new product to supply customer’s different kind of requirements , help customer to solve most of the shrink packing problem. Expecting your kindly cooperation.

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    Export country

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    Technical staff

  • 20,000+

    Production area

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    Annual output

Our provided products

Production and development of various special shrink films and wrapping films to meet the different needs of customers

What Sets Us Apart

Beyond Your Expectation, Within the Budget

  • Excellent and stable product quality

    The company strictly controls suppliers and only uses imported advanced raw materials

  • Product cost performance and high gold content

    Reduce production costs by implementing efficient production control and ERP system management

  • Continuous and reliable product supply

    The company has sufficient production capacity to lay the foundation for continuous production

  • Quick and considerate extension service

    The company insists on seamless docking service and implements all-weather tracking service

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Production and development of various special shrink films and wrapping films to meet the different needs of customers


How much do you know about PE Shrink Film?

PE (polyethylene) shrink film is a type of plastic film that is used for packaging and wrapping products. When heated, the film shrinks tightly around the product, creating a secure and tamper-evident...


How to choose POF shrink film?

There are many low-priced POF shrink films in the market, which makes customers confused about the choice. After years of experience in the POF shrink film market, and providing a full range of produc...


What is Packaging Film?

Packaging film is a type of material used to package and protect products during transportation, storage, and distribution. It is a thin, flexible material, typically made from plastic, that is used t...


Do you know the difference between Wrapping Film and Packaging Film?

Wrapping film and packaging film are both types of materials that are used to protect and enclose products during storage, transportation, or distribution. However, they can have some differences in t...


Do you know the packaging of polyolefin shrink film?

If you are looking for polyolefin shrink film, you are in the right place. This type of film is ideal for use in a variety of situations and comes in a variety of thicknesses to suit your needs. So wh...


Different Types of Shrink Film

Shrink film is a very useful product that can be found in a variety of different industries. It's an easy way to ensure your products stay in top condition, even while in transit. In fact, it can be u...


Use the Right Type of Wrap Film for Your Packaging Needs

Using the correct type of wrapping film is an important step in shipping your items. If you do not pack your item properly, it may be damaged by the air or moisture in the environment. There are many ...


What do I need to consider before deciding to use shrink film?

Choosing the right polyolefin shrink film for your project can be difficult with so many options to choose from. Here are some factors to consider before you decide to use shrink film: Until a few yea...


Choose the right packaging film according to your needs

Having the right packaging film can make a world of difference when it comes to your packaging needs. From wrapping items with the right type of wrapping paper to choosing the right size wrapping film...


Types of wrapping film

In its simplest form, plastic film is a continuous thin polymer material. Thicker versions of this material are called sheets. It is often used to place items or divide areas. It also has a printable ...


Do you know the packaging film market?

Plastic film is a thin continuous polymeric material. It is used to separate areas and store items. It can also be used as a barrier or as a printable surface. There are several types of packaging fil...


Do you know about flexible packaging film printing services?

When choosing a flexible packaging film printing service, it is important to choose a company that uses a wide range of inks and ribbons. You should also consider using barcodes or QR codes. You can a...

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