Zhejiang Jiuteng Packaging Co.,Ltd is established in 2010, located in Jiashan city which near shanghai port, covering an area of 20000 sq.m. JT is one of the leading

Wrapping Film Manufacturers and custom Packaging Film Suppliers

in China, at the same time also producing Hot slip shrink film, Low temperature shrink film, crosslinked shrink film and printing shrink film, widely export to Euro, America and other areas.

We aim to research new product to supply customer’s different kind of requirements , help customer to solve most of the shrink packing problem. Expecting your kindly cooperation.

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Production and development of various special shrink films and wrapping films to meet the different needs of customers

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  • Excellent and stable product quality

    The company strictly controls suppliers and only uses imported advanced raw materials

  • Product cost performance and high gold content

    Reduce production costs by implementing efficient production control and ERP system management

  • Continuous and reliable product supply

    The company has sufficient production capacity to lay the foundation for continuous production

  • Quick and considerate extension service

    The company insists on seamless docking service and implements all-weather tracking service

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Production and development of various special shrink films and wrapping films to meet the different needs of customers


Do you know the performance characteristics of PE heat shrinkable film?

PE heat shrink film is another long-established shrink film. As the name implies, PE heat shrinkable film is a heat shrinkable film produced with polyethylene as a raw material. Unlike PVC shrink film...


What is POF? What is the function and quality of POF shrink film?

The name "shrink film" came about because the plastic shrinks tightly to whatever it's covering when heated. Therefore, use shrink film for "shrink wrapping". POF shrink film is made of POF which repr...


The difference between PVC and POF

By the way, PVC shrink film and POF shrink film can be the same. However, there are huge differences that make POF a better material than PVC. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC shrink film was m...


Do you know the common terms associated with shrink wrap?

Gauge - a measurement used to describe film thickness Shrinking Force - (shrinking energy) the force exerted by the shrink film on the product Tear Resistance - the ability of the film to resist teari...


What is the quality of POF shrink film

Here are a wide range of qualities that make POF shrink film a worldwide popular packaging material: Anti-fog durable versatile Seal strength quite cheap tear resistance low contractile force Puncture...


The benefits of the production of packaging materials

Believe it or not, the advent of printed flexible packaging materials has solved a problem for manufacturers worldwide, especially those involved in food materials, packaged food production, or other ...


What is the difference between polyolefin shrink film and PVC shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap comes in a variety of thicknesses, clarity, strength, and shrink rates. The most commonly used type of shrink wrap is polyolefin shrink film. Other types of shrink film include PVC (polyvi...


Do you know shrink wrap film?

Shrink wrap film is the most popular and cheapest packaging material. Today, shrink wrap films are available in a variety of models and sizes. Commonly used are polyethylene shrink film, PVC shrink fi...


PE: Environmentally friendly neutral plastic

Five reasons why PE (polyethylene) film is less harmful to the environment than paper: Paper requires 90% more energy 2 kg of wood + gasoline per 1 kg of paper 3-13 times more carbon monoxide, sulfur...


What Are Shrink Wrapping Films?

Shrink wrap film is a material usually made from a polymer plastic film that shrinks tightly over the object it covers when heated. Lightweight films are commonly used in many types of packaging such ...


Which retail display shrink film/shrink wrap is the best?

Compared to industrial shrink wrap (essentially thicker gauge polyethylene film used for outer packaging), retail display shrink film is available in 3 different types of films. Because retail displa...


What are the principles and benefits of heat shrinkable film?

The principle of heat shrinkable filmProduction technology and characteristics Shrink film production is usually produced by extrusion blow molding or extrusion casting to produce thick films, and the...

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