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PE Stretch film have a strong winding force and retraction, can stretch the goods into one unit, double protect the goods , make the goods do not polluted by the dust,oil,water etc.  Usually it used to pack the pallets’ goods more tight.

Material PE
Application 1. Pallet cargo
Origin Zhejiang, China

Test item


Machine warp film

Hand ward film





Tensite strength at break TD






Elongation at braek TD






Rightangle strength TD














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Industry knowledge extension of this category

What is JT10 PE stretch film
JT10 PE stretch film is a type of polyethylene (PE) stretch film used for wrapping and packaging products. The film is made from a stretchable material that can be stretched and wrapped around items to hold them together and provide protection during transport and storage. PE stretch film is commonly used in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and retail, to secure items to pallets and protect them from damage during transportation.
Use of JT10 PE stretch film
JT10 PE stretch film is a type of polyethylene (PE) stretch wrap used for packaging and securing loads. It is stretchable, strong, and tear-resistant, making it an effective solution for wrapping and protecting items during transportation and storage. JT10 PE stretch film is commonly used for pallet wrapping, bundling items together, and providing protection during transit or storage. It is also an economical option as it requires less film to wrap a load compared to other packaging methods.
Advantages of JT10 PE stretch film
JT10 PE stretch film offers several advantages, including:
1.Cost-effective: JT10 PE stretch film is an economical option for packaging and securing loads as it requires less film compared to other packaging methods.
2.Strong and durable: The stretch film is made of polyethylene, making it strong and tear-resistant, which helps protect items during transit and storage.
3.Easy to use: JT10 PE stretch film is easy to apply and remove, making it a convenient and efficient solution for packaging and securing loads.
4.Protects against dust, moisture, and dirt: The stretch film provides a barrier against dust, moisture, and dirt, which helps to keep items clean and in good condition.
5.Customizable: JT10 PE stretch film can be produced in different thicknesses, lengths, and widths to meet specific packaging needs.
6.Environmentally friendly: Polyethylene stretch film is recyclable, making it an environmentally responsible solution for packaging and securing loads.

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