Crosslinked film offers superior product protection during shipping

Author: admin / 2024-01-31
Crosslinked Shrink Film is an advanced polyolefin shrink film created with an advanced irradiation process to increase strength and durability, offering better puncture resistance, dimensional stability, crystal-clear optics, stronger seals, a wider sealing temperature range, and a wider sealing temperature range than its traditional polyolefin counterparts. As such, Crosslinked Shrink Film can be used for wrapping heavy products such as metal products, liquids, and industrial goods with fast machines for mass-production processes.
This unique film is highly adaptable, and suitable for most shrink equipment on the market. Available in 30, 42, 55, and 70 gauge thicknesses for manual and automatic machines alike, its centerfold design makes it easier for employees to handle while increasing productivity. Plus, with extended length per roll ensuring increased operational uptime and faster changeover times.
Crosslinked film offers superior product protection during shipping, handling, retail display, customer returns and point-of-sale inspections compared to corrugated packaging. This can significantly lower transportation, storage and warehousing costs for manufacturers and retailers while making customer viewing of products simpler by printing the barcodes on both sides of each package allowing customers to easily identify its contents.
This advanced film comes in various sizes to meet the diverse requirements of end-use industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and beverage products. It is UV radiation resistant and provides high levels of tamper evidence - adding extra security for packaged items. Furthermore, its composition does not contain toxic materials or unpleasant odors making it the ideal solution for packaging food and beverage items.
As well as offering enhanced safety features, this innovative film is easy to install and remove from packaging equipment. Requiring less shrink force than other films, its wide sealing temperature range ensures compatibility with a range of equipment types. Furthermore, its excellent machinability, heat resistance, and lightweight properties make it a practical solution for an array of applications.
Crosslink shrink film is a highly durable packaging material that is unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to an increase in demand from end-use industries due to being safer and user-friendlier than traditional plastic bags. Furthermore, growing awareness regarding its benefits has propelled growth within the global cross-linked shrink film market.
As demand for this form of packaging increases, manufacturers must select a high-quality product that will both protect their goods while also make presentation easy. It is therefore crucial that businesses take time to assess various packaging solutions and find one that suits their business requirements; finding the appropriate one could save both money and make packaging much more efficient overall.

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