Do you know the benefits of packaging materials?

Author: admin / 2022-09-08
If we are mainly talking about households, this printed wrapping film is also needed here. In the form of airtight printed laminate bags, zippers and laminate rolls, you'll find these wraps at home for lunches for kids and working professionals. Additionally, certain materials are even used to cover bowls to protect cooked food from unwanted debris and bacteria. The zipper printed laminate bags and printed packaging bags are mainly used to hold the lunches of elementary school students and even snacks when going out on a picnic. Not only that, but these packaging materials can also give you peace of mind about the hygiene of your prepared food.
Packaging is so important these days that you can't even imagine a product entering the market without it. Yes, whether it's cakes, candies, snacks, wafers, cookies or other edible items, it comes in a perfectly printed flexible laminate packaging that not only preserves what's inside, but also perfectly captures the consumer's attention force. With this, manufacturers can also fairly promote their products. Today, PET bottles also appear as packaging materials for energy drinks, soft drinks, dressings, syrups and other liquid materials. Therefore, now we can imagine the vitality of this packaging material and why the demand for related equipment such as bag packaging machines is increasing day by day.

Crosslinked shrink film JT03
Product Description:With special irradiation technology, JT03 is the most perfect heat shrink film.It can help you solve all packaging problems . As JT03 offers excellent shrinkage, strong & durable seals, wide sealing temperature range, it is suitable for all packaging systems with its excellent properies.
Available thickness
12micron, 15micron, 19micron and 25 micron.
Application:1. FOOD pack 2.Cosmetics 3.Medicine pack pack 5.Hardware pack Etc

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