Do you know the characteristics of high performance POF shrink film?

Author: admin / 2022-09-01
POF shrink film features:
Advanced biaxially oriented high transparency cross-linked LLDPE shrink film
Compatible with fully automatic shrink wrapping systems
Excellent gloss and clarity for retail
Strong durable strength and tear resistance for added toughness
Consistent machinability on semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines
High shrinkage allows the film to conform tightly to irregular shapes
Good burnthrough resistance due to tunnel temperature changes
Suitable for a wide range of applications - multipacks, toys and games, baked goods, printed matter
Complies with FDA and USDA regulations for immediate food packaging
Lengths: 2,625 ft, 3,500 ft, 4,375 ft and 5,830 ft
Thickness: 45G, 60G, 75G, 100G
Available Sizes: 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24"
Polyolefin shrink film JT01

Product Description:JT01 is a strong and high clarity biaxial oriented heat shrinkable film that has stable & balanced shrinkage and soft corner during packaging. With features of tough,cold resistant and soft, it can protect your products efficiently and doesn’t emit harmful gas during usage. It is an economic product which works easily on most shrink packaging machines.
Polyolefin shrink film 10mic the new thinnest biaxial oriented heat shrink film, it has better tensile strength, and better clarity. It have less haze when packing, also better oxygen transmission rate, can protect your goods efficiently. It works good on auto or semi-auto machine. Now it is widely used for packing milky tea, bowel noodles, lile box, chocolate and so on.
Available thickness
10micron, 12micron, 15micron, 19micron, 25micron and 30 micron.
Application:1. FOOD pack 2.Cosmetics 3.Medicine pack pack 5.Hardware pack Etc
Origin:Zhejiang, China

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