Do you know the common terms associated with shrink wrap?

Author: admin / 2022-07-15
Gauge - a measurement used to describe film thickness
Shrinking Force - (shrinking energy) the force exerted by the shrink film on the product
Tear Resistance - the ability of the film to resist tearing by being forced onto the film
Shrink Tunnel - A device that generates heat using a chamber through which a continuous conveyor belt is passed
Half Fold Shrink Film - Film folded in half lengthwise for easier and faster packaging
Crow's feet - wrinkles emanating from the corners of the finished package
Dog Ears - Triangular protrusions of unshrinkable film at the corners of the complete package (common for packages wrapped in PVC shrink wrap)
Impulse Sealer - A sealer that uses a heating element to patch polymer materials together during the sealing process by means of voltage pulses
L-Bar sealer – a sealer with an inverted "L" shape
Lap Sealing – Seals with two overlapping layers of shrink film
Machine direction - the direction of film manufacture and through sealing equipment
Memory - the ability of shrink film to retain properties after sealing
Optical - visual properties of shrink or stretch films

Polyolefin shrink film JT01
Product Description:JT01 is a strong and high clarity biaxial oriented heat shrinkable film that has stable & balanced shrinkage and soft corner during packaging. With features of tough,cold resistant and soft, it can protect your products efficiently and doesn’t emit harmful gas during usage. It is an economic product which works easily on most shrink packaging machines.
Polyolefin shrink film 10mic the new thinnest biaxial oriented heat shrink film, it has better tensile strength, and better clarity. It have less haze when packing, also better oxygen transmission rate, can protect your goods efficiently. It works good on auto or semi-auto machine. Now it is widely used for packing milky tea, bowel noodles, lile box, chocolate and so on.
Available thickness
10micron, 12micron, 15micron, 19micron, 25micron and 30 micron.

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