How to choose POF shrink film?

Author: admin / 2023-01-17
There are many low-priced POF shrink films in the market, which makes customers confused about the choice. After years of experience in the POF shrink film market, and providing a full range of product shrink solutions to customers in the first place, the types of shrink films on the market and the market price are all different. There are many kinds, most of which are the difference between new materials and recycled materials. The process of making shrink film is basically blown out by blown film machine. Therefore, only the difference in raw materials will have a great difference in the price of the product. A good POF shrink film is made of new materials, and the shrinkage effect is better than that of recycled POF shrink film.
How to detect whether the POF shrink film is good or bad, set the test parameters such as test temperature and end temperature, click the start test option, and the test starts. When the temperature in the heating chamber of the equipment reaches the test temperature, the sample enters the chamber automatically, and the test starts timing. The sample is heated and shrinks and generates thermal shrinkage force. The force value is the cold shrinkage force. The equipment automatically records and displays in real time the heat shrinkage force, cold shrinkage force and shrinkage rate of the sample from entering the cabin to the end of the test. After the test, the equipment displays the maximum shrinkage rate, maximum heat shrinkage force and maximum cold shrinkage force of each group of samples.
High-quality products have high transparency and gloss, good airtightness, good shrinkage fastness, and will not be scattered or incomplete packaging. In addition, they can protect the product from being easily punctured. Therefore, before we buy shrink film, we need to learn more about relevant content and master the relevant judgment methods. It is very important to choose a regular, good and responsible manufacturer. The product quality will be guaranteed, and the after-sales service quality will also be very good. it is good.
It is very easy to use shrink film to pack various goods. Many of us often use this in our lives, and it is enough to see how popular this product is in the packaging industry. Why is this product so popular? Because the goods packaged by this product are not only beautiful and elegant, but also save the cost of packaging to a large extent, and more importantly, they can also be packaged for promotional combinations, etc., which increases economic benefits to a certain extent, and at the same time has the functions of sealing, dustproof and moistureproof. and anti-theft.
Product Description
Zip lock bag is made of material PE, always used to deposit some small goods such as ornaments, small hardware, small toys etc. Material is food contact, can put small foods, tea or other food items, make the sure the items are safety, not moist…
It also can use to pack clothing or other daily necessities, The bags is anti-static, are widely use by people.
Material PE
Application 1. FOOD pack  2.electronic product  3.Toys pack
Origin Zhejiang, China

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