How to choose shrink film packaging?

Author: admin / 2022-02-22
First, the characteristics of the product
1. Good versatility, suitable for various shapes of commodity packaging;
2. Good protection, the first to prevent loss, and the second to protect the integrity of products such as transportation;
3. Good cleanliness, packaging can effectively protect the product from pollution from the external environment;
4. Good stability, sealing can effectively protect the stability of the product, such as reaction;
5. Good transparency, good protection, customers can see the goods intuitively.
6. Good safety, the product has undergone multiple testing methods to ensure the safety and environmental protection of materials

Second, the market demand
1. The social environment has higher and higher requirements for the packaging industry, especially environmental pollution
2. The economical use of resources, its emergence has replaced many carton packaging made of environmentally friendly materials paper and cardboard
3. Safety can also be said to be a requirement for airtightness. Because of the particularity of various products, some products can help prevent accidental leakage.
For the selection, we need to remove it from multiple angles, because it is said that the first shrink film is used in packaging. There are many types of choices, such as common POF shrink film, PET, PVC, OPS shrink label film, PE shrink film, etc., and there are also various products. The requirements of the object are different, such as the shape of the product, insurance freezing, protection, safety and other capabilities
In simple terms, shrink wrapping focuses on the attractiveness and safety of shrink wrap and the convenience of the packaging process.
At present, there have been more detailed market reactions on the advantages and technological development of shrink film packaging. The shrink film technology of domestic packaging packaging: low temperature heat shrink technology, low cost technology, multi-purpose adaptability, online packaging technology and High reliability technology has become the general trend of shrink packaging research. With the continuous promotion of various new technologies, the application fields of shrink packaging are becoming wider and wider. Therefore, choosing to choose shrink film packaging is worth considering.

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