How to choose the right packaging film?

Author: admin / 2022-10-24
If you're looking for a cheaper way to wrap your box, you might want to consider pre-stretched wrapping film. This is ideal for light loads. Pre-stretched films do not require the use of mechanical stretch rolls. It is often called a hybrid hand mask. It can pack boxes weighing up to 1800 pounds and is a cost-effective alternative.
stretch film
Stretch film packaging can be a time-consuming and expensive task. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right movie. The main factor is the application requirements. If you do not select the correct film, the load may move or be damaged. Also, you should consider the puncture and tear resistance of the packaging.
Shrink wrap, also known as shrink wrap, is a polymeric plastic film that tightens around the object being covered when it is heated. This makes it a great way to pack items for protection and shipping.
plastic wrap
Plastic wrap is a thin plastic film typically used to seal food in containers and keep it fresh longer. It has many other uses.
hand pull film
Hand-pull film is an excellent alternative to shrink wrap that requires heat to shrink. It is a highly stretchable plastic film that can easily wrap items of any shape or size. Its elastic recovery properties prevent damage to the product upon removal. The roll usually weighs about 10 pounds. Because it is about twice its original length, it forms a secure wrap around the wrap.
Machine Stretch Film
Stretch film machines can help automate the process of packaging products. They can be used alone or as part of a larger automated system. Machines can stretch film faster and more efficiently than human workers.
Stretch wrap is a self-adhesive film that protects and bundles goods. This is a great way to secure bulk shipments and warehouse inventory. Also, it requires no tape or heat sealing, making it an easy and convenient way to protect your products.
UV additives
UVI additives are an efficient way to protect packaged goods from the harmful effects of sunlight. It provides up to a year of sun protection against UV rays from the sun. This is also a very cost-effective solution.
Packed with stretch film
Using stretch wrap is a great way to protect your product during shipping. The material also reduces the chance of damage to plants. In addition, packaged goods are less likely to break when moving on pallets. The material used for stretch wrap is flexible, which reduces the risk of product damage when moving under heavy loads.
PE stretch film JT10

Test item:PE Stretch film have a strong winding force and retraction, can stretch the goods into one unit, double protect the goods , make the goods do not polluted by the dust,oil,water etc.  Usually it used to pack the pallets’ goods more tight.
Application:1. Pallet cargo
Origin:Zhejiang, China

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