Is the cross-linked film a shrink film?

Author: admin / 2022-08-17
Since the cross-linked film has higher heat resistance, tensile strength, thermal shrinkage and barrier properties than other polyethylene products, its use is further expanding, so some people will ask, is the cross-linked film shrinking? membrane? Let me introduce it to you today.
Cross-linked film, also known as POF cross-linked film, cross-linked shrink film, also known as imported shrink film, D9. The cross-linked film has the advantages of excellent shrinkage rate (80%), stronger physical properties (30% higher than ordinary pof), firmer sealing and wider shrinkage temperature range, which can solve most of the problems encountered in the shrinkage process. to the problem.
POF cross-linked heat-shrinkable film has excellent shrinkage rate, firm seal, long-lasting, and wider shrinkage temperature range. It is suitable for packaging products with special needs, such as electronic products, banknotes, lottery tickets and other special products. The shelf effect of the cross-linked film is also very good. It is mainly suitable for mechanical packaging, and it will have obvious effect only when used in conjunction with a shrinking machine.
Cross-linked film is also an environmentally friendly material, which is a non-toxic and tasteless product packaging bag with lively active genes. It can react with genes such as double bonds and hydroxyl groups under the action of catalysts, and is the basic raw material for products such as foam stabilizers, defoamers, and water-soluble silicone oils. It has excellent water resistance and can be used as a water repellent for glass, paper, metal, ceramics, cement and other items.
In general, cross-linked film is actually a type of shrink film. The competition of cross-linked film in China is increasingly fierce. The company has maintained a gross profit margin that is significantly higher than the industry average by virtue of its leading technology, and its market share has been in leading position. It is used for packaging of beverages, food, medicine, books, chemicals and wood products. It has a wide range of uses and is economical and environmentally friendly.

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