KT cross-linked shrink film is a more advanced form of POF

Author: admin / 2023-09-28
In the Packaging Industry, Crosslinked Shrink Film is one of the most versatile films available. It has great tensile strength and heat seal ability while being odorless, free from contaminants and non-toxic. It can be printed with up to 8 colors and works well with a variety of shrink equipment. Cross-linked films also offer a balance of TD/MD shrinkage, which is important for high-quality, evenly wrapped products. This type of film offers a more balanced shrinkage rate, which means it can shrink at a slower rate and maintain a good fit for the product. This is especially helpful for smaller items like business cards, baked goods and light uniform products.
Regular POF (polyolefin) shrink film is the most popular and cost-effective form of packaging. It is thin and clear, making it perfect for general packaging applications such as books, food supplement boxes and more. POF shrink film is also odorless and non-toxic. POF is an excellent choice for use with a wide range of hot-shrink equipment because it requires lower temperatures to shrink and seal.
KT cross-linked shrink film is a more advanced form of POF. It undergoes a process called cross-linking, which makes the film much stronger and more durable than standard POF. The result is a better-quality, longer-lasting and more aesthetically pleasing packaging option. In addition to enhanced durability, KT cross-linked film also provides a greater window of shrinkage and offers an even better seal. This film can be used with all types of hot-shrink equipment and is compatible with a number of printing and coating systems.
Another advantage of KT cross-linked film is that it requires a lower temperature to shrink fully, which reduces the amount of heat exposure to the products. This allows for faster conveyor speeds and reduced production times. Additionally, it helps reduce the wear and tear on your sealing blades, which can be costly. The film also offers better dimensional stability, a smoother surface and enhanced clarity for product display.
This multilayer film features irradiation to strengthen the polymer chains and provide superior machinability and clarity for your products. It is also available in lighter gauges to deliver cost savings through increased yields. Contact us today to see if this product is right for your packaging needs.

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