PE (polyolefin) film is an elastic material with many beneficial attributes

Author: admin / 2023-12-27
No matter if it's for single items or multiple, PE shrink film is an excellent solution for protecting them during transportation. When heated up, its tight seal creates an airtight tamper-resistant seal to secure their contents while protecting them from potential damage during delivery. Plus, different thicknesses and sizes are available to meet various packaging applications.
PE (polyolefin) film is an elastic material with many beneficial attributes, including rot resistance and high tensile strength. PE films can be found in both printed and unprinted forms; printed film adds value by drawing customers towards your product while adding branding opportunities such as barcodes or logos that serve as invaluable marketing tools.
when selecting shrink film, it is essential to take into account both product type and environment into consideration. The thickness will affect how much it shrinks as well as puncture resistance and tear resistance; additionally, its moisture tolerance must ensure it will not be damaged by condensation in cold storage environments.
Low-density polyethylene shrink wrap is the go-to material, as its durability and flexibility make it perfect for packaging heavy or oversized products such as multipacks of drinks. Furthermore, its sheen lends itself to printing nicely while its ease of processing makes for fast production times compared to other film types; unfortunately, it lacks shrink rate equivalents and lower transparency levels than its rivals.
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) shrink film material is another widely used shrink film material. Compared to POF, HDPE boasts greater tensile strength but can be harder to cut. HDPE comes in various thicknesses for packaging applications including bulk shipping. With its superior tear resistance, it makes an excellent option for grouping products.
HDPE plastic packaging materials offer many advantages for food contact use, including FDA approval for both wrapped and unwrapped items as well as being recyclable. HDPE can even be recycled. HDPE plastic film's ductility makes it easier to cut and fold, saving both time and money on packaging costs.
After your production process, selecting an ideal blown film extrusion line is key. Your selection should take into account desired qualities and production capacity when choosing an extrusion line; three-layer co-extrusion blown film lines tend to work best for producing PE shrink film as they consist of three extruders supplying one layer to your die.
Beyond these characteristics, the ideal film for your application should feature high levels of clarity and gloss to stand out on store shelves, be able to withstand high heat levels, and provide protection from corrosion. A shrink tunnel test should help determine whether your chosen film will perform well under actual operating conditions.

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