Shrink wrap is a plastic film that can be applied to products,

Author: admin / 2023-11-02
Shrink wrap is a plastic film that can be applied to products, packages, or boxes to hold them securely in place and provide a clean and attractive look. When heated, the film will shrink and conform to the shape of the product or box, creating a tight seal that also protects the contents from contamination and environmental hazards.
There are many different types of shrink films available to choose from, including PE, LDPE, PVC, PETG, OPP, and POF (polyolefin). Each type has its own benefits and is designed for specific applications. To determine which type of film is right for your product, consider:
Choosing the proper heat-resistant shrink film will ensure that your package can endure a wide range of temperatures and conditions without damage or degradation. It is also important to consider your environment, as some types of film are more environmentally friendly than others.
In addition to a high-temperature tolerance, you will want to select a film that can resist punctures and tears, as well as chemicals and water. Depending on your product, you may also need to choose a film that has an anti-fog coating. This will reduce the amount of condensation that builds up on the surface, improving the clarity and aesthetics of your package.
Another essential consideration is the performance of the film during production and in the sealing process. Some key properties include: 
Air evacuation is the ability of a film to allow excess air in the bag to escape during the shrinking process. This helps to ensure consistent shrinkage and prevent the formation of pinholes in the seal area.
A property of some films that helps to reduce the appearance of bubbles when the package is sealed and shrink wrapped. It is usually accomplished by adding a wetting agent to the film that helps it to better adhere to the surface of the package.
A process during manufacturing that bonds one polymer chain to another, which increases strength and provides consistency in sealability and shrinkage. It can also decrease odors and improve oxygen transmission rates.
In addition to a clear, glossy finish, some shrink films can be printed with custom designs or messages. These options make it easier to distinguish your products on store shelves and attract the attention of potential customers. This line features 12 unique pre-printed designs from three popular industry artists. Each design can be matched with one of four colors.

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