The difference between PVC and OPS heat shrinkable film

Author: admin / 2022-04-02
The difference between PVC and OPS heat-shrinkable Wrapping Film, PVC heat-shrinkable film has dominated for a long time, but with the development of the economy, the awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, and it has gradually relegated to the front line. OPS is gradually emerging because of its environmentally friendly nature. people's sight.
PVC has good transparency, high shrinkage rate, high tensile strength, smooth surface, uniform thickness, no obvious spots, easy to shrink, high strength, not easy to break, strong blast resistance, and high softness, Good touch.

As a new type of material, OPS heat shrinkable film is a body packaging material that meets environmental protection requirements. It has many advantages such as high strength, high rigidity, good gloss, high shrinkage rate, and compliance with food hygiene standards. However, due to the current market There are not many companies producing this film, and the market demand for this film cannot be fully met.
Regarding the film industry market and its development trend, the market demand for film materials is still relatively large, especially after the rapid development in the 1990s, the current stage has entered a period of relatively stable development. The environmental protection and safety rectification action for the waste plastics processing market is in full swing. Small workshops with insufficient technology and imperfect scale will face the pressure of survival. If the products produced are not standardized, they will need to face punishment and social accountability.

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