What are the principles and benefits of heat shrinkable film?

Author: admin / 2022-05-19
The principle of heat shrinkable film
Production technology and characteristics Shrink film production is usually produced by extrusion blow molding or extrusion casting to produce thick films, and then longitudinally and transversely stretched at a high elastic temperature above the softening temperature and below the melting temperature, or only Stretching and orienting in one direction and not stretching in the other direction, the former is called biaxially stretched shrink film, while the latter is called unidirectional shrink film. When in use, when the temperature is greater than or close to the stretching temperature, the packaged goods can be wrapped with reliable shrinkage force.
Advantages of heat shrinkable film
1) The appearance is beautiful and close to the product, so it is also called body packaging, suitable for various shapes of product packaging;
2) Good protection, if the inner packaging of shrink packaging is combined with the transport packaging hanging on the outer packaging, it can have better protection;
3) Good cleaning performance, especially suitable for packaging of precision instruments and high-end electronic components;
4) Good economy;
5) Good anti-theft, a variety of foods can be packed together with a large shrink film to avoid loss;
6) Good stability, the goods will not be staggered in the packaging film;
7) Good transparency, customers can directly see the product content.

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