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Author: admin / 2022-10-10
There are several different types of packaging films. There are stretch film and plastic wrap. Each offers different benefits and uses. Using the right type of packaging film for the right application will help ensure a safe, efficient and professional packaging experience.
stretch wrap
Stretch wrap films are used to package goods in a variety of ways. Most of these films are made from a polyethylene material called LLDPE, which is made using a low pressure process. LLDPE is a transparent material that provides excellent product visibility. These films can be applied manually or using heavy equipment. If you are applying the film by hand, consider purchasing pre-stretched film, which is mechanically stretched to the final breaking point.
Stretch wrap films are available in several different sizes. Each of them has different properties, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs. The heavier specification is for heavier objects, while the lighter specification is for wrapping smaller items.
hand stretch wrap
Stretch wrap is the perfect packaging material for bundled shipping items. It also helps protect items from minor damage during shipping. It can also be used to secure bulk shipments and protect warehouse inventories. As a self-adhesive film, it does not require tape or heat sealing to secure items.
Hand stretch wraps come in several different thicknesses. Some are smaller and lighter than others. Typically, a 90-gauge film will provide adequate stretch and memory. This film can withstand a lot of pressure and won't tear easily. Unlike its petroleum counterparts, it is recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.
Pre-stretch hand stretch wraps are more effective than machine-assisted wraps. It has the advantage of being pre-stretched so the application process is simpler. The film is pre-stretched to within ten percent of its maximum stretch potential. This lowers labor costs and reduces fatigue. It also provides load stability similar to machine stretch wrapping.
machine wrap stretch wrap
Machine Packaging Stretch wrap is a valuable packaging tool that can automate the packaging process. It has a built-in scale and thermal label printer. Its clear operator interface makes it easy for all employees to use. It reduces material costs by 50 to 70 percent and requires less labor per load. Its automatic height detection eliminates manual operations and reduces the risk of employee injury.
There are two main types of stretch film: manual pallet wrapping and machine wrapping. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Manual pallet wrapping is the most labor-intensive option, while machine-driven stretch wrapping machines can stretch the film to hundreds or even 500 percent. Machine-wrapped stretch film is faster, more reliable, and more economical than hand-wrapped goods.
Plastic wrap is made of a polymer material called polyvinyl chloride. This polymer is a long-chain molecule that is highly water-repellent. Originally, the material was used to make upholstery, and today it is used in food packaging. It is also biodegradable and accepted by municipal composting facilities.
Plastic wrap can be applied manually or mechanically. The latter is safer and more effective. Machine-cut plastic wrap has a sliding mechanism for easy application and removal. Plastic wrap can be stacked in cartons for easy handling.

Low temperature shrink film JT04
Product Description:With a special formula and raw material, JT04 become a good shrink film which can shrink very good and with good sealing in a very lower temperature, the shrink temperature is much lower than normal shrink film; It is usual to pack the goods have requirement on the shrink temperature. Thickness availaible: 12mic,15mic,19mic,25mic.
Application:1. FOOD pack 2.Cosmetics 3.Medicine pack pack 5.Hardware pack Etc

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