What are the characteristics of the packaging technology of PE shrink film?

Author: admin / 2022-04-22
The contradiction between supply and demand of each variety of PE shrink film has its own characteristics, and it dominates relatively different seasonal trends. Under the guidance of the country's long-term policy of benefiting farmers and market prices, the production of heat shrinkable film has entered the road of recovery growth.
Under the combined effect of planting costs and land expansion restrictions, the overall supply and demand balance of heat shrinkable films can only be relatively relieved. This year, the trend of various varieties may show pressure on the top and support on the bottom. Sexual trends will be more prominent.
After March and April this year, the pressure on the heat shrinkable film market last year will be basically released. From May to August, the price of heat shrinkable film will enter a pattern that is easy to rise and hard to fall.
Unexplained changes in weather will be the main reason for the market to hype prices as major crops enter a critical growing season. The output of the heat shrinkable film market this year will be revealed. The gap between the actual output of heat shrinkable film and market expectations will determine the price trend after autumn. The main performance characteristics of the application in the domestic market are as follows.
1. Heat shrinkable film is also the protector of construction and transportation materials. It is suitable for the packaging of multiple products and the packaging with pallets, which is convenient for transportation and sales, and is easy to realize mechanization. It can partially replace carton and wooden box packaging.
2. It has been widely used in fast food, mechanical parts and other fields.
3. It is of great significance to use the combination of heat shrinkable film and gas phase anti-rust technology to replace anti-rust oil in military machinery and hardware tools to enhance the anti-rust ability.
Fourth, used for all kinds of PET bottled beer, pe shrink film manufacturers main: pe shrink film, plastic packaging film, plastic printing; pe shrink film is the company's flagship product, the leading brand in the shrink film industry! Beverage labels can reduce the process of removing labels and facilitate recycling.
5. It is used for bottled beer instead of strapping rope packaging to prevent the explosion of bottled beer from hurting people.

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