What is printed film?

Author: admin / 2022-05-04
A layer of transparent plastic film is mounted on the paper product, which is the lamination. Specifically, for parts that are prone to wear, such as the cover in the printing of product manuals and the outer surface of the carton, if a protective film is required, it should be covered with a layer after printing, before folding and cutting. This layer of film must be very transparent. It has good toughness, uniform texture, no blisters, and smooth surface. It is usually made of polypropylene material. It is also pre-coated with thermoplastic polymer adhesive for bonding with paper. It sticks firmly to the paper. As a result, the surface of the paper has a better gloss, a thicker texture, and the colors printed on it are protected. As we saw earlier, glazing has the same effect, but thick paper becomes brittle after glazing, but becomes flexible and resistant to folding after lamination.
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