Why are PVC films being replaced?

Author: admin / 2022-09-22
There is no doubt that PVC shrink film has fallen out of favor. In fact, it's slowly being phased out in the US, and by all accounts, it will be happening in the UK soon.
So why is PVC so bad? Well, its fairly simple PVC contains vinyl chloride, which is a very harmful substance. In fact, when you heat up PVC shrink film, it tends to give off an unpleasant odor. Most people who have used this film will tell you that it's not a good product to use. A faint fumes can also be emitted during the sealing process.
Are there any alternatives - Polyolefin shrink film is a great alternative to PVC film. Typically produced as a 3-layer or 5-layer film, no PVC is used in the manufacturing process. Typically, the outer layer of the film is PP (polypropylene) and the inner layer is LDPE (low density polyethylene). Both elements are considered friendlier than PVC and do not emit odor during sealing.
POF, of course as a 5-layer film, has the added advantage of being lightweight - offering even more environmental benefits.
So why do people still use PVC film - the answer may be education and understanding of the alternatives available. POF films are not always available as a replacement, and suppliers are happy to continue to offer what they have always had.
Hot slip shrink film JT02

Product Description:JT02 Its main advantage is excellent hot slip property. When the film without hot slip property, the hot surface after shrink causes stick, which makes you put the packs together hard. JT02 is your best choice to avoid such difficulities. Except for hot slip property, it has all good properties of JT01.
Available thickness
12micron, 15micron, 19micron, 25micron and 30 micron.
Application:1. FOOD pack 2.Cosmetics 3.Medicine pack pack 5.Hardware pack Etc
Origin:Zhejiang, China

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