Do you know shrink wrap film?

Author: admin / 2022-06-14
Shrink wrap film is the most popular and cheapest packaging material. Today, shrink wrap films are available in a variety of models and sizes. Commonly used are polyethylene shrink film, PVC shrink film and polyolefin shrink film. They package products such as boxes, cassettes, CDs, food, DVDs, videotapes, jewelry boxes, photos and picture frames.
PVC shrink wrap is used to wrap non-perishable items and is available in striking colors. This film shrinks at low temperatures. Although PVC shrink film is FDA-approved for food packaging, it has a pungent odor.
Polyolefin shrink wrap film is a combination of polyethylene and polyethylene. It is more transparent and smoother than PVC shrink film. It usually requires high heat to shrink, but is also suitable for one-step shrink wrapping machines. Polyolefin shrink wrap films are more commonly used to package food. Polyolefin shrink wrap films come in many forms, such as low temperature polyolefins, anti-fog polyolefins, and pre-perforated polyolefins.
As a general purpose shrink film, polyethylene shrink film is known for its versatility. It can also withstand harsh climatic conditions. So it is used in winter to wrap bulky items like boats and cars. Polyethylene shrink films mostly come with UV protection to avoid damage caused by UV rays. EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is added with polyethylene shrink film to keep it soft and flexible in winter. This heavy duty shrink wrap features bold colors and attractive prints.
There are two main varieties of all types of shrink wrap films, single roll and half fold. In center fold shrink wrap film, the product is tucked between the folds of the film and the edges are sealed. But in a single roll of shrink wrap film, one layer of film is wrapped around a core. This shrink wrap film is widely used in packaging automation equipment. Half-fold shrink wrap film is suitable for semi-automatic and manual shrink wrapping.
Shrink films are available in different widths and sizes, mainly 60, 75 and 100 sizes, with widths over 10 inches. In general, price depends on length, width and quality such as gloss and clarity. PVC shrink film is the cheapest. Shrink wrap can be purchased from any local specialty store or online store. The main advantage of online stores is that they offer a wide selection.

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